Viser maleriet Sisters - 650 kr.

Digitalt billede af maleriet Sisters. Primær farve: Gul. Sekundær farve: Orange.

Watercolor piece, Inspired by my work, which is body therapy, and my childhood in Greece, this piece is to convey innocence despite our sexuality. I wanted to grasp the color of the sun off the bodies, the relaxation and intimacy two people share when all the noise around them stop. I wanted nudity to become truth and take the sexual connotation away, as we have stopped touching each other on a regular basis, as when we are children. The bald heads show the level of vulnerability in the nudity, but also how lack of touch can make us ill.
Kunstner: Lili (Privat kunstner)
Navn på maleri: Sisters
Pris: 650 kr.
Pris for forsendelse: Ikke angivet
Højde: 30 cm.
Bredde: 42 cm.
Type: Akvarel
Ramme: Nej
Produktionsår: 2017
Solgt? Nej
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