Fatma R. Rachici

Beskrivelse af kunstneren
I am a young woman who finds arts vrey interesting and loves to experiment.
For me painting and writing is a way to express my feelings and thoughts.
Personally, I don't think I have any "real" talent. However, some people have told me that my paintings express a big dose of feelings and that is quite unique. Well, others said that my paintings and stories are weird and twisted. I agree on that one.
Furthermore, I like to experiment with art, combining various things, such as markers and akryl but i also like to experiment with the feelings that they are suppose to give to the viewer, by scraching, contrasts and symbols.
Honestly I believe that all can be artists if they have the imagination and will.

Malerier af Fatma R. Rachici

14 x 20 cm
Fatma R. Rachic
Pris: 50 kr.

Seven Sins
28 x 35 cm
Fatma R. Rachic
Pris: 130 kr.