Nicole Forup

If what comes out of me speaks to you, I am honored, and flattered. My paintings are always done from a place of good energy, and with a lot of love, to enter people's homes. I love controversial subjects and usually do a lot of feminine work. Mothers, and blue color are often associated, as women need to express vocally their love, their anger, their hopes and fears. I usually paint after a dream and I have created my own method of painting ( seen in the straight line work) , that is currently getting uploaded in wikipedia. I just have not found a name for it yet :D

Malerier af Nicole Forup


Blandede medier - h60 x b40 cm

950 kr.

Loving you

Ukendt maleritype - h48 x b21 cm

750 kr.


Olie - h100 x b150 cm

6000 kr.


Ukendt maleritype - h116 x b37 cm

3000 kr.

Kyglepen art for clothes

Ukendt maleritype - h36 x b28 cm

2500 kr.


Olie - h150 x b100 cm

7800 kr.

Urban lights

Olie - h60 x b80 cm

4850 kr.

Before you came

Olie - h80 x b60 cm

8000 kr.

Kuglepen art ( comission)

Ukendt maleritype - h25 x b21 cm

2000 kr.

Ying yang

Akryl - h50 x b50 cm

2000 kr.


Olie - h120 x b40 cm

3000 kr.


Akryl - h50 x b50 cm

3000 kr.


Ukendt maleritype - h70 x b10 cm

700 kr.

Kraken wants a cookie

Blandede medier - h80 x b60 cm

1500 kr.

The woods

Kul - h120 x b40 cm

1600 kr.


Akryl - h80 x b60 cm

1800 kr.


Olie - h60 x b80 cm

2800 kr.


Akryl - h60 x b80 cm

3800 kr.


Olie - h50 x b50 cm

4000 kr.

In the womb

Olie - h150 x b100 cm

5600 kr.


Akryl - h40 x b40 cm

2800 kr.

City of spirits

Olie - h80 x b60 cm

3000 kr.


Olie - h80 x b100 cm

3700 kr.


Olie - h100 x b100 cm

5000 kr.

3 pieces

Olie - h15 x b15 cm

299 kr.

New York

Olie - h40 x b50 cm

5000 kr.

Cotton fields

Olie - h50 x b40 cm

1950 kr.

Fisherman shack

Olie - h50 x b40 cm

4000 kr.


Ukendt maleritype - h50 x b50 cm

300 kr.


Akvarel - h42 x b30 cm

500 kr.


Olie - h80 x b100 cm

3200 kr.