I am a professional artist / master degree - painting / I have participated many national art exhibition. I like to experiment with any kind of art instrument ,method and style. My paintings are a combination between love and desire for freedom.. Nature and love are the most beautiful thing , that affects our feelings,thinks and emotions... Freed your desire.. for more information and questions : skype: tsvetanbotev facebook : tsvetanbotev tlf: 26246449

Malerier af artceci

one wonderful day

Olie - h27 x b60 cm

950 kr.

one History

Olie - h44 x b57 cm

7000 kr.

Our World 2

Olie - h84 x b56 cm

8200 kr.

Our World

Olie - h48 x b85 cm

13500 kr.

.name :Deeply

Olie - h54 x b80 cm

12000 kr.


Akryl - h30 x b40 cm

600 kr.


Akryl - h60 x b80 cm

3500 kr.

view thru the squirrels eyes

Akryl - h40 x b30 cm

800 kr.

let it snow

Akryl - h30 x b30 cm

230 kr.