Beskrivelse af kunstneren
Iím a 19-year old open-minded young woman. I love all types of art. I mostly do my artworks on 30 x 30 cm canvas with acrylic paint.

If I had to describe the art that I create, itís not just one thing itís everything. I create anime to portrait of fruits or morbid things. I always create whatís on my mind and what Iím feeling, it could also depend on my mood.

I want to sell my art mostly because I want people to have something Iíve created and thatís why I wonít sell my artworks for a very expensive price. My art is for everyone, for all different types of people and age. I spread a positive and fun energy through my artworks.


Malerier af EAG

simple cherries
30 x 30 cm
Pris: 200 kr.