Celeste Michelle Holmberg

Hi there! My name is Celeste Michelle and I am a 19 year old danish / Faroese artist with a big love for painting. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a big love for drawing, painting and just having a very creative mind. I practice my painting skills every day to get better and better. For me, it´s all about expressing myself through my paintings. I'm here to inspire you. I hope you will follow me on my exciting journey towards getting out to the rest of the world. My purpose is to do whatever I can to get people to get happier.

Malerier af Celeste Michelle Holmberg

Akryl maleri Flower garden af Celeste Michelle Holmberg sælges for kr. 4000,-

Flower garden

Akryl - h50 x b40 cm

4000 kr.